Young & D.U.M.B.


“Young and D.U.M.B.’s mission is to redefine “dumb”, give the youth a voice, and empower others to get their grind up by sharing inspiring stories, providing real, unedited and raw depictions of modern day journeys and laying out blueprints to change not only their individual lives but the world.”


“Energizing and inspiring our generation to reshape their lives and the world”

Your Hosts

Gary Amani Pershad

Muhlenberg College Class of 2018, Marketing Major


  • Outside right back for Muhlenberg Men’s Soccer Team
  • Switched majors unofficially 5+ times
  • Avid NY Giants, Man United and Barcelona FC fan
  • Enjoys meeting new people and learning new things
  • Blogger:
  • Interests: Soccer, Traveling, Casual Gaming, Helping Others
  • Tour Guide, Marketer, Blogger
  • Young & D.U.M.B. Co-Founder/Co-Host


D.U.M.B. Profile

How are you DEDICATED?

I constantly explore new and innovative ways to practice and expand my marketing skills. Ive had runs as campus reps and brand ambassadors. All avenues are plausible in my eyes and I work hard to explore them.                                           

What UP AND COMING plans do you have?                                                                                    

More podcasting, more blogging, more media, more marketing,  maybe write a book? … Possibilities = Endless. There is no telling what I might produce next…

What keeps me MOTIVATED?

I have a family that worked hard to raise me to what I am today. Like them, I see the potential I have to make a difference. I want to encourage creative freedom and expression and enjoy what I do.

What BOLD accomplishments have you achieved?

I CoFounded the Young and D.U.M.B. Podcast, partnered with Justin to expand the Getchogrindup movement, successfully ran a blog following my abroad life and interned as a marketer at a home care agency.  “Success is like food and I’m hungry”  

Justin Nguyen

University of Central Florida Class of 2018, Finance Major


  • Played soccer his entire life then broke his leg during the junior year of high school
  • Switched majors unofficially 10 times
  • Loves working in groups and building relationships
  • Founder of #GetChoGrindUp movement
  • Interests: Grinding, FOOD, Youtube, Gaming, Helping Others, Knowledge, Financial Markets
  • Obtained 2 Internships at Fortune 152 companies – The Hartford and Northwestern Mutual and a Fortune 50 company – Lockhead Martin
  • Young & D.U.M.B. Co-Founder/Co-Host


D.U.M.B. Profile

How are you DEDICATED?                                                                               

I first applied to over 50 internships with what everyone called a “prestine” resume and never even got an interview for one. I never gave up and now have 2 Fortune 150 Company Internships as well as a Fortune 50 Internship under my belt.                       

What UP AND COMING plans do you have?                

I started the GetChoGrindUp movement and CoFounded the Young and D.U.M.B. Podcast…. much more to come as well                                                                  

What keeps you MOTIVATED?

Parents are both escapees from Vietnam, you’ve only got one life, why waste it complaining?

What BOLD accomplishments have you achieved?

Never afraid to ask questions… not even to CEO’s