Episode #26 A.C.T. x Chris Whitcomb

Amusing. Comedic. Tantalizing. 

This week we interviewed Chris Whitcomb about the process it took to become an actor!
Chris is a current student at Central Connecticut State University, an aspiring actor who will have 2 credits under his name coming this fall, rapper/producer on Soundcloud, AND he still finds time to work to pay the bills! When you first talk and listen to Chris, you’ll most likely take him for a high energy, goofy, fun guy to be around; although this is true, he is also a man about his grind and artwork!
He technically has his BFA
Has his own IMDb profile
Besides acting/rapping he also has a job as a waiter
Uses his job to practice his acting and improv skills to his guests
Very humble, but don’t let that make you think he doesn’t work hard. Coming from 0 background in acting he will be making his second appearance in a movie come this fall.
He is only 21!
Movies Chris is a part of:
“Pitching Tents” on Netflix
Get in touch with Chris here!
Twitter: chrisjwhitcomb
Instagram: chrisjwhitcomb
Facebook: facebook.com/chrisjwhitcomb
Snapchat: chriswhittybro
Soundcloud: whitty
Email: chriswhitty13@gmail.com

D.U.M.B. Profile

Dedicated – to his craft. We do whatever it takes to find the best opportunities and do what he loves

Up and Coming – Currently has an IMDB profile and already has a show on Netflix on the way!

Motivated – has the drive to try different avenues in order to chase his dreams

Bold – Switched high schools in order to pursue his passion


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