Episode #25 T.E.A.C.H. x Keon Berry

Talented. Energy. Ambitious. Contribute. Humble.


This week we interviewed Keon Berry on the creation of Berry Academy and his journey having his own speaking tour in the US!
Keon is active in the Connecticut Community and Atlanta Community. Whether its giving back with Young Trailblazers Society, a mentorship program for high schoolers, or helping around Atlanta with his fellow Morehouse students, Keon is always finding a way to impact his community around him.
Berry Academy is Keon’s first step towards his goal of Education Reform
He decided to go all in, emailing 100 schools in Atlanta to go and speak at them and did not receive an email response.
Finally was able to get a speaking engagement to talk to over 700 students!
Has begun Young Trailblazers Society to help mentor the youth around him
He’s only a Sophomore in college!

D.U.M.B. Profile

Dedicated – Stays connected to CT and continues his influence in state as well as Georgia

Up and Coming – Started his own business that is set on mentoring and guiding kids through their academic progressions!

Motivated – In his passion to give back to the youth though he is still young and growing himself

Bold – Cold emailed 100 schools in Atlanta to go for speaking engagements

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