Episode #24 G.I.V.E. x Jaylen Berry

Grateful. Inspiring. Vibrant. Eager.


This week we interviewed Jaylen Berry on the creation of his scholarship and his journey to landing a job with Goldman Sachs!

Jaylen is active in the Connecticut community establishing his own scholarship for students in the state all while promoting all the state has to offer. He was worked with several state representatives regarding financial, social and economical issues and is determined to get involved to fix them. He wants to invest in the youth and utilize all the talent that Connecticut has to offer!

Jaylen attends Wesleyan as a full-time student as well as being the founder of his own scholarship
He was worked with several state representatives throughout his college career
Locked up a job with Goldman Sachs post graduation
Plans to use his connections and knowledge to help students in CT and give back to the community

D.U.M.B. Profile

Dedicated – He is committed to his state and his town and continues to pave the way for others!

Up and Coming – Has started his own scholarship fund and he hasn’t graduated college yet! It has grown to two cities so far and has the potential to grow much larger!

Motivated –  Has found the key to success (Helping others and giving back) so he stays locked in!

Bold – Has taken initiative to close the gap and allow students of color to pursue higher education

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