Episode #23 G.O.L.D. x Daniel

Genuine. Open-Minded. Living. Determined.


Young and D.U.M.B is a podcast for the dedicated, up and coming, motivated and bold. It’s for dreamers and innovators alike who want to make the world theirs. Our goal is to connect people to stories, people to people and people to opportunity. It’s ordinary people like you and us who are capable of incredible things that are gonna change the world. Listen to the Young and D.U.M.B podcast to hear individuals who are well on their way.

This week we interviewed Daniel Ospina on the creation and growth of his brand “Gold Mind Goods”

Daniel created his brand out of nowhere as he was trying to find other ways to express himself in what he wore, so he started his own brand. Combining both great style with an adventure lifestyle, out came “Gold Mind Goods”

Daniel attends Valencia College as a full-time student as well as being the founder and CEO of Gold Mind Goods
He started off in high school by flipping Supreme to make some extra cash
The brand idea came from while he was hiking the Smoky Mountains!

D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – Started his craft you and has continued to grow it to what it is today!

Up and Coming – Started his own brand/business at a young age to promote himself and share his voice

Motivated – Allows his entrepreneur spirit to fuel his ambitions to grow his business to be the best it can be!

Bold- Took a chance as a young entrepreneur and flipped products to make cash on the side

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