Episode #22 M.A.R.I.A. x Gustavo

Mission. Adverse. Reflective. Ideal. Adaptive.


Young and D.U.M.B is a podcast for the dedicated, up and coming, motivated and bold. It’s for dreamers and innovators alike who want to make the world theirs. Our goal is to connect people to stories, people to people and people to opportunity. It’s ordinary people like you and us who are capable of incredible things that are gonna change the world. Listen to the Young and D.U.M.B podcast to hear individuals who are well on their way.

This week we interviewed Gustavo Rios on his journey of facing Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Gustavo talks about what it was like leading up, the aftermath, and how he and his family are coping with the effects of the hurricane today.

The University of Central Florida will be his third college so far, going from University of Tampa to the University of Puerto Rico, and now UCF.
Gustavo talks about his expectations of going to an American university and if they were met or not.
We also hear about the destruction that Hurricane Maria caused on his home island of Puerto Rico
How his family is doing now.
And a real life perspective of the effects.

D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – Despite being devastated by one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history, he continues to chase his degree

Up and Coming – His dedication and drive shows that he can overcome any obstacle and that he is capable of accomplishing anything!

Motivated – Wants to get his degree so he can pursue his dreams and provide for his family back home

Bold-  Bounced around to three schools in two countries in four years and braved one of the toughest hurricanes and still came to the US for another chance at US schooling

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