Episode #20 – M.I.X. x Jon

Monumental. Ideologic. Xplosive



This week we interviewed Jon Katz on his journey of what it is like to create a physical product and prepare it for launch.
Jon’s grind started while he was still in high school, becoming a professional weight lifter.
It started with an idea, but now its a physical product!
We go in depth of what its like to bring an idea into reality
From hiring free lancers
To winning school competitions
We also talk about the launch process
How long it actually takes to gather all the details together to launch the product
The long hours every day that are put into talking to international suppliers to get the right design
Jon is a business student at Springfield College, he is looking to launch his product “Blendi” by summer time of 2018! Be on the lookout as this handheld blender is looking to take the world by storm!


D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – Through his schooling and passion for weight lifting he is balancing his side hustle as an entrepreneur!

Up and Coming – His creation, the Blendi, is only a small taste of the potential that Jon has to offer! His entrepreneurial spirit runs wild and shows signs of present and future success!

Motivated – He was crossed with a problem and he is doing all in his power to create a quality product to solve it!

Bold-  Not many young entrepreneurs have the courage to take on an invention and work with international manufacturers and engineers to get the job done.

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