Episode #19 – H.A.Y.L.A. x Hayla, Joey and Tina


Happiness. Adoring. Youth. Limitless. Accomplished.


This week we interviewed Joey and Tina on their journey of raising their daughter Hayla.
Hayla is a trach baby, this means she had a tracheostomy when she was just born.
Joe and Tina expected their baby to be born perfectly healthy, no problems at all
But when Hayla popped out, she had a mass on the side of her head which looked like another head.
This mass was almost a full pound!
Joe and Tina talk about
The initial shock
Knowing to always get second opinions
How things aren’t always what they seem
We also got to talk about some other topics of
How their perspectives have changed
The daily life of a Trachmom
And how they are expecting another baby in the New Year!
This story contains everything from passion, sadness, happiness, all types of emotions. We hope you enjoyed Hayla’s Story!

D.U.M.B. Profile

Dedicated- Joey and Tina have traveled to countless hospitals and venues in order to find Hayla the best medical professionals so she can continue to live a long and healthy life.

Up and Coming- Healthy, strong and with a bright future, Hayla looks poised to not let her birth conditions stop her from living her life. Joey and Tina also have taken this in stride and are committed to having another child!

Motivated- Inorder to give their daughter the best life possible, Tina and Joey worked hard to overcome this small bump in the road.

Bold- What Hayla has been through is something that not many have gone through nor is it easy to overcome, but she has been strong and has taken it on


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