Episode #17 – L.E.N.S. x Dillon


Layers. Energetic. Nature. Shutter.

 IMG_0614 copy



This week we interviewed Dillon Vibes on his journey of becoming a world renowned sports photographer
He has:
– Taken shots for several Oregon Sports teams
– Including basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, etc
– Had specific athletes reach out to him for these photos
– Used art not just for passion but to help others
– He interned at a mental health hospital in the summer and used art to help calm them down
– Graduating in a few months!
– The school grind is slowly coming to an end
– This means more time for his photography!
– We also got to talk about how he got into photography
– How it all began in high school
– From Child Development class to Photography independent study

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D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – in his commitment to his craft. He works tirelessly and endlessly to capture incredible photos at weddings and sporting events.

Up and Coming – Only started in high school but is already being hired to capture weddings and other special occasions

Motivated – consistently attends sporting events in order to practice his craft on his own time.

Bold – in taking the chance to pursue a collegiate and professional career in a concentration he began in high school across the country

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