Episode #16 – P.O.L.I.C.Y. x Annie


Parental. Organized. Logical. Inspired. Cheery. Young.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


This week we interviewed Annie Nguyen on her journey on becoming a woman in the political field.

She has:
Worked with the Jeb Bush campaign during the latest election
Going door to door trying to get others involved in the election
Sourcing and finding the best candidates to help her try her best to get Jeb elected

We also touch upon:
Being a Dog Mom
She is the proud parent of Brady and one days would love to own a house with a big yard just so Brady can run around
Pursing going into Law School
The daily grind between school + Work + being a parent
Traveling the world
Annie has had the opportunity to travel the world going all over Europe and been to places like Dubai as well

D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – her dog Brady is her happiness and law is the path to creating more happiness in the world

Up and coming – congress woman Annie Nguyen has a nice ring to it, be on the lookout for this

Motivated – her past has influenced her to impact her future 

Bold – being not only just Asian, but also a woman in a field predominately dominated by white American

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