Episode #14 – T.R.A.V.E.L. x DIOGO




Thankful. Radiant. Adventurous. Voluble. Empathetic. Lingual.  

This week we interviewed Diogo Rodrigues on his journey traveling the world. He was born in Canada, raised in Portugal, and is now in the States for high school and college; if there is one thing he knows about is different perspectives in different parts of the world.
In this weeks episode:
* He talks about how he came to the United States as an immigrant in high school, using soccer to help and create life long friendships
* Its how I (Justin) actually met Diogo, was playing soccer at the University of Tampa
* Take a quick look at his father’s life journey and how Diogo uses it as motivation to get his grind up
* His dad dropped out of school at the age of 9, started working in construction, now owns his own company and has built numerous buildings around the world
* Currently an engineering student at Valencia College hoping to use his degree to help better the world.
* He takes us through his trip to Europe last summer where he traveled to 8 countries
* He tells us which ones are his favorite
* And what he would take from each country to create his own
* Happiness, its a huge part of his message and something he strives to make people every day

D.U.M.B Profile

Dedicated – to traveling the world to experience all of the different cultures and gain their perspectives on life

Up and coming – travel, travel, travel. He’s already preparing his next trips, all while being an engineering student and has a side hustle of being an entrepreneur

Motivated – by his fathers story. He believes if his father can make it through the hardships of his youth in the construction industry, he (Diogo) has no excuses of why he can’t.

Bold – “traveling is expensive” but it’s really not, when you’re a genuine good person, people may be willing to offer you a room at their house. His recent summer trip was around $1400 for a month in Europe!

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