Episode #10 – E.X.P.O.S.É. x Sade



Enlightened. Xuberant. Photojournalistic. Open. Self-beliving. Engaged.

One of Muhlenberg’s most talented and well versed students, Sade, joins the Young and D.U.M.B. crew to share her upcoming projects and discuss social, gender and race relations in the world!

D.U.M.B Profile

D –to make PWI a big piece of society and continue to spread awareness on the different experiences a black women goes through growing up in a predominately white institution

U – with the Pangea project. Looking to unite the world’s artist and give them a platform to speak their voice of creativity 

M – by her culture and striving to be a role model of “black excellence” 

B – in never allowing her skin color to overshadow the value she always brings into the room

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