Episode #8 – S.E.L.F. x Zen Wizard



Self aware. Equanimous. Lively. Forbearing.

This week, Kyle joins the Young and D.U.M.B. crew to break down the art of meditation and to provide more details on his exciting life!

D.U.M.B Profile

D – through hard work and a relentless attitude, was able to overcome the heartbreak of a developed relationship

U – apart from a full-time job, his side hustle of providing mindful meditation and fitness tips online, he also is a coach in both fields. Another branch of his Zentality School is the recent addition of a Vlog on Youtube

M – nothing forces him to get up everyday and work 2-3 jobs, but he does it because he wants to and believes in himself to impact the lives of many through mindful meditation and having a healthy diet

B – interned for one week at Vaynermedia in New York (he lived in Florida) and the next week dropped out of school and moved up to New York to work full-time at Vaynermedia

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