Episode #5 – A.D.A.P.T. x Suhayb Zarroug

“Leave your mark… whatever it is leave your mark… because people live with too many regrets and whatever your journey is take that risk, take that leap…” – Suhayb Zarroug


Adventurous. Dapper. Assertive. Perceptive. Tenacious.

Suhayb stopped by to share with us the many ups, downs, twists and turns of his very exciting journey through various occupational fields.

D.U.M.B Profile

D: Although had many business failures, it has never stopped him from succeeded more each and every time

U: Future book and movie in the future to alleviate the stigma around islamophobia

M: on a scale of 1% – 100% he is only at 5% and will not stop until he reaches the top

B: With the numerous of achievements in fields not always associated with someone of his age i.e. art industry, music fashion industry, writing, etc.


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