Episode #3 – P.A.R.I.S. x Pedro Roman

“Well it all varies for people in this industry. People like myself don’t pull in as many jobs as the colored eyed kids, and straight haired (if you know what I mean) but on a busy week for me. It’d be on average at least 6-7 castings everyday and almost half the time you’re not even getting the jobs. So that can be a little unmotivating but for the most part the experiences and connections you get from this are for a lifetime.” – Pedro R.

Pedro 1

Parental Figure. Audacity. Risk Taking. Idealistic. Spontaneous.

Pedro Roman dropped by to share with us some knowledge on his international conquest of the modeling universe.

D.U.M.B Profile

D: travels to New York constantly for casting events and internationally for shows

U: It only gets more lavish from Givenchy and has plans for large brands and campaigns

M: Uses his mom as motivation to be successful to support her and his boys

B: Modeled for Givenchy on his first job and travelled to Paris for the show

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